We support architects, consultants, developers and contractors during the design phase of new buildings or refurbishment of existing stock.

Once the building is completed, Colt can ensure that it continues to perform at its best over time through maintenance programmes and training for the building's maintenance staff.

Design support and problem solving

Design support

Architects, builders, contractors, consultants and developers: you can count on Colt’s expert design advice…

Design support & problem solving

Service and maintenance


Innovation, technology and flexibility drive Colt’s system design, product development and manufacturing activities


Training programme


The Colt team have exceptional training, the qualifications and the latest management technology to deal with the installation and project management.


Environmental surveys

Service & Maintenace

Colt has over 85 years of experience in providing its customers with tailored service packages for a wide variety of building and product types.

Service & Maintenace

Controls software

Controls software

Latest released software versions and tools for various Colt products...

Learn about Colt's control software