Climate Systems - Air-conditioning technology

The task of refrigeration and air conditioning technology is to control temperature, humidity and air quality in a room to the desired values - regardless of fluctuations in ambient conditions caused by neighbouring rooms or external influences.

Colt International supplies the necessary systems for air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration and for industrial and commercial buildings.

Key climate variables include indoor air temperature, humidity, air velocity, air quality and thermal radiation from sunlight or production processes. We generate a room climate through our air-conditioning products from the refrigeration and ventilation technology sector, which brings these elements into a homogeneous balance with each other, the prerequisite for human well-being and performance.

Within the scope of air-conditioning technology, we also deal with the removal of harmful substances in the room air, e.g. from production processes, or we protect the production process from external influences, as we do, for example, in clean room technology.

Since our solutions in air conditioning technology often have a direct influence on production, the boundaries between air conditioning and process air technology are fluid.

Colt offers a comprehensive range of services, advice and planning to help you decide which ventilation and air conditioning measures are most efficient for your individual beneficial indoor environment.