Vision and Strategy

Our vision is:

"To be recognised as a market leader in providing and servicing innovative solutions and products for ventilation, smoke control, climate technology and solar shading to improve the performance and sustainability of the built enviroment, and the safety and well-being of its users."

Service and maintenance is a key component of our vision and an important area for future growth.

Our strategy is to focus on our core markets, building stable platforms to grow both our contracting and service & maintenance businesses both organically and via acquisitions. In each of our core markets we aim to have a portfolio of businesses in Smoke Control & Ventilation, Solar Shading and Climate Control each involved in both the provision of new installations and in the service and maintenance of existing installations.

We serve our primary markets with wholly owned local Colt businesses in 15 countries all of which offer full Colt solutions:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Netherlands
  • Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Spain & Portugal
  • Poland, Czech, Slovakia
  • Dubai & Saudi Arabia
  • Singapore

We serve other markets either directly as export markets from our primary markets or with local distributors.

We have portfolio approach that gives us balance across the economic cycle through exposure to residential, industrial, retail, commercial and public buildings as well as to infrastructure and heavy industry, all of which tend to have slightly different cycles.

We aim to have a mix of both contractor and end user business:

  • Smoke Control in residential and commercial markets via contractors.
  • Smoke Control for industrial and logistics end users.
  • Smoke Control for retail markets via both contractors and end users.
  • Smoke Control for the infrastructure
  • Climate Control focussed on the baking, food processing and plastic moulding end user markets.
  • Solar Shading for commercial, residential and public buildings via contractors.
  • Solar Shading for the residential markets via contractors.
  • Ventilation for heavy industries businesses such as aluminium smelters.
  • Servicing & maintaining Smoke, Climate and Solar Shading installations serving both end users and facilities managers.