Solar Shading & Louvre

Solar Shading & Louvre

Solar Shading

When we sit inside a building, we all recognise the benefits of natural daylight entering through the window. We respond better when we can have a view to the outside and work better under controlled natural daylight conditions. Furthermore Architects naturally like to create buildings that evoke interest and admiration. Accordingly there are examples of buildings with large areas of glazing that can be seen nearly everywhere.

Careful selection of the most appropriate solar shading system is necessary in order to achieve the necessary functional performance and to meet the aesthetic requirements of the building.

Colt offers systems which consist of fixed brise soleil or controllable louvres, in vertical or horizontal configurations, made of aluminium, textile or glass fins, as well as many other types of systems.


Louvre panel systems are popular with designers for many applications in industrial and commercial buildings. Their purpose can be to control light entry, to provide ventilation whilst maintaining rain defence, to provide screening, or a combination of these. Louvres can also be provided simply for aesthetic impact.

Colt has been manufacturing and installing external solutions for almost two decades. We are experts in screening and ventilation louvre and screening whist maintaining rain defence.

Colt louvre systems are highly adaptable. They are available in various configurations, materials, finishes and coatings to meet the requirements of almost any project. Besides louvre panels being available in aluminium, there are all manner of glass, textile, wood, terracotta clay and translucent acrylic louvres available depending upon the aesthetic and energetic requirements.