Smoke & Fire Containment

Smoke barriers, static and controllable, according to DIN EN 12101

Quick localisation through the use of smoke curtains

In case of fire, rolling smoke aprons channel the smoke to limit it to a certain smoke section area. Smoke curtains are especially obligatory for buildings with floor areas of 1600 sqm and more.

The formation of smoke sections, such as in shopping malls, enables rapid localisation and fighting of the source of the fire and safe evacuation of the building.

Without static or automatic smoke barriers, the effectiveness of an automatic smoke and heat ventilation system is questionable, especially for rooms with more than 1600 sqm. This is because the smoke rising from the fire spreads uncontrolled in all directions, cools down in the periphery and flows back to the source of the fire as a smoke roll. This represents a tremendous danger for escaping persons and the fire brigade.

Static smoke curtains must reach down to the calculated depth of the smoke layer.

Automatic smoke curtains

Automatic smoke barriers are used for aesthetic reasons and for structural or production-related reasons. In the event of fire, they move into their fire alarm position in a controlled manner and thus form the required smoke section.

Smoke curtain versions can be adapted in colour to the architectural environment. In the rolled up position the automatic smoke curtain is not visible. One more reason to use it in atriums, shopping centres, hotels or office buildings with high aesthetic demands.

Colt smoke curtains are tested according to EN 12101-1. They work non-destructively at a temperature/time classification of 600°C over a period of 120 minutes. Each fan must have its own electrical circuit and it must be ensured that in the event of failure of one fan, the other system switches on automatically.

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