Technical support to maintain efficiency

Technical support to maintain efficiency

Our specialisms

Our specialisms are the repair and refurbishment of smoke control and fire protection systems, ventilation and general HVAC equipment and their associated controls and ancillaries.

The benefits of preventative maintenance

Colt's programmed maintenance service can extend the life of equipment, reduce the likelihood of downtime and ensure it consistently performs at its best. Such a programmed approach also enables to update the equipment with the latest technological advances and standards.

Breakdown assistance for maximum uptime.

In addition to programmed maintenance, Colt operates an emergency call-out service and spare parts support to minimise downtime when a problem occurs.

Other services:

  • Spare parts service
  • Advice on regulatory compliance and certification
  • Environmental surveys to assist you to reduce your energy costs and carbon footprint.
  • Design support to you to optimize the performance of your installed equipment, should subsequent alterations to the building fabric or function be necessary.