Colt Group upgrades its BIM offering

Configurable, multi-region, multi-language and cloud based.

Recognising the many advantages that Building Information Modelling (BIM) has for its customers, the Colt Group has shown innovative leadership in the Ventilation and Smoke Control industry by launching a configurable, multi-region, multi-language library of BIM objects.

Colt is the first supplier in the Ventilation and Smoke Control industry to provide configurable BIM objects for its products and is also first in the Building Services industry to embed the configurators into its websites across the globe.

What makes the Colt BIM library special is that is completely configurable, enabling customers to create a BIM object based on the specifics of their individual project. The configurator is fast and easy to use and, once an object is created, it can be downloaded in multiple file formats.

The Colt BIM library is hosted in the cloud and can be accessed from Colt business unit websites worldwide. Colt Director of Group Product Management & Manufacturing Dirk Houben said “Since many designers will choose to get their information directly from a locally hosted library rather than going to a Colt website, objects will also be uploaded to local libraries which contain links to the configurable BIM objects”. Colt has a dedicated internal BIM team to ensure that all product data is kept up to date and to provide customer support where necessary. Houben said “This will ensure that all BIM objects in any library will always be up to date, maintained and controlled centrally whereas the decentralised approaches taken by some can end up in chaos”.

Group Chief Executive Officer, Mark Oliver commented “Colt has continued to innovate in products, solutions and services throughout its almost 90 year history. I am delighted that this BIM upgrade, once again, puts the Group at the forefront of its industry. Colt pioneered the smoke control industry and is now pioneering BIM”.

The library is tailored to individual markets so, depending upon country choice, specifiers can select the appropriate product range for specific markets.

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