After a successful 28 year joint venture, Colt has now gained 100% ownership of Colt Spain.

Founded in 1989, Colt Spain was a joint venture between Colt and Acieroid, a subsidiary of Bouygues. The partnership was mutually beneficial, allowing Colt to penetrate the Spanish market, and giving Acieroid an opportunity to diversify from their core business of steel roofs and cladding. The venture was a successful one, lasting 28 years; far beyond the average life expectancy for a joint partnership.

Obtaining 100% ownership of Colt Spain follows Colt's strategy of focusing on markets where it already operates and increasing participation in these markets. Colt Spain will now be able to reap the benefits of becoming a full member of the Colt Group, and go on to achieve greater success in the Spanish market.

Colt Spain will now form part of the Continental Europe division of Colt, again demonstrating full integration and alignment with the Group Vision, Value Propositions and Strategy.

Colt Spain have a team built up of experience, knowledge and youth. This mixture of experience and new talent provide an ideal combination for the success and growth of Colt Spain.

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