Colt in Austria

Sep 2010

Mr. Christoph Bauer has been appointed Joint Managing Director of Colt Austria with effect from 1 July 2010, working together with Mr. Günther Prommnitz until the end of the year, when he will become sole Managing Director. Mr. Bauer brings to Colt a wealth of sales experience in Colt's field in Austria.

Project Bauhaus Wals / Salzburg

Colt Austria has won a major order for smoke control and daylighting scheme for the largest Bauhaus store to be built in Austria, which has a total roof area of 21.000 m². Colt's 49 Apollo smoke and day-to-day ventilators will protect the store and an additional 2,244 m² Cosmotron and 1.000 m² Azur daylighting systems will reduce the need for artificial lighting.

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