Primary metals production

The design approaches for gravity ventilation / natural ventilation of smelters

Pavlodar Smelter, Kazakhstan

Pavlodar Smelter, Kazakhstan

Pavlodar Smelter has to deal with extremes of temperatures, both inside and outside the facility. Colt designed a system using ventilators designed specially for extreme heat conditions.

Corus, Netherlands

Corus, Velsen Noord

Corus is the largest steel producer in Europe and the third largest in the world, and manufactures, processes and distributes metal products.

NEMAK, Czech Republic

Corus, Velsen Noord

In order to reduce the high temperatures reached within the production hall, Colt was asked to design a ventilation scheme.

Kazakhstan Aluminium Smelter, Kazakhstan

Colt has provided Gravity Natural Ventilation units for the roof and the walls.

Mahan Aluminium Project, India

Colt has provided Gravity Natural Ventilation units which are to be installed at the new Mahan Aluminium Project.

Kitmat Smelter, Canada

Colt have provided Labyrinth Natural Ventilations to be installed in the re design of the Kitmat smelter in Canada.

Ma'aden, Netherlands

Colt have been asked to provide Labyrinth natural ventilation for the new Ma'aden smelter being constructed in Saudi Arabia.

Vedanta Aluminium Smelter, India

Vedanta Aluminium Smelter

Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. (VAL), a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources PLC, has its principal locations in two districts (Kalahandi & Jharsuguda) of Orissa...

Nordural Smelter, Iceland

A new 250,000 tonne greenfield primary aluminum smelter is currently under construction at Helguvik, Iceland.

Emirates Aluminium, Abu Dhabi

The world's largest, single site smelter. The Colt Labyrinth was chosen due to the fact that it has a high coefficient performance value resulting in a very high ventilation capacity.

Sør- Norge Aluminium, Norway

The electrolysis hall of Sør Norge Aluminium in Norway was equipped with a roofhouse with mechanical ventilation. 

Trimet Aluminium, Germany

Colt was required to replace existing mechanical HVAC equip-ment in response to changing needs, and supplied a scheme of natural / gravity ventilation.

Boguchany Smelter Complex, Siberia

There are extreme conditions at the Boguchany Smelter Complex. Colt carried out a survey and technical calculations, and proposed a scheme of Labyrinth gravity ventilators.